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Bernard Purdie ~Bernard Purdy, the legendary drummer whose name is engraved in numerous accolades such as Aretha Franklin and Steely Dun, returns for the first time in 9 years~

Bernard Purdie ~アレサ・フランクリンやスティーリー・ダンなど数多の名盤にその名を刻む伝説のドラマー、バーナード・パーディが9年ぶりに帰還~

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Sitka Jazz Week: August 25th-September 1st, 2024! Sign up now and reserve you spot. We will have an incredible week:


If you love Jazz and Bernard "Pretty" Purdie, you will get an experience of a lifetime with an instruction by Mr. Purdie himself.

Go to Bernard Purdie's Facebook page for events moving forward


Monday, 10/9/2023, 1:00 pm EST

Hanging with the Big Dogs

Online event with Buddy Williams, Steve White, Dennis Chambers, Nandi Bushell and Ralph Rolle as we talk to Bernard 'Pretty' Purdie about his amazing career in drumming. Expect plenty of stories, chat and maybe even some playing from one of the all-time legends of drumming. Visit Drum.Dog to see the event for the first time or watch again. 


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