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Bernard " Pretty " Purdie has been recorded in over 4000 songs as a Session Drummer and Recording Artist.   As the founder of Encounter Records, he produced 5 albums.  Bernard is most well-known for the creation of this signature drumbeat known as the Purdie Shuffle.  Variations of the Purdie Shuffle can be found in songs such as Led Zeppelin's "Fool in the Rain", the Police's "Walking on the Moon", and Toto's "Rosanna" (Rosanna shuffle).

Purdie plays the shuffle on Steely Dan's "Babylon Sisters" and "Home At Last".

Encounter Records

Black Purdie Shuffle.png
  • Soul Drums (Date/Columbia, 1967)

  • Purdie Good! (Prestige, 1971) [note: reissued as Legends of Acid Jazz: Bernard Purdie in 1996]

  • Stand by Me (Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get) (Mega Records [in the 'Flying Dutchman Series'], 1972) with The Playboys

  • Soul Is... Pretty Purdie (Flying Dutchman, 1972; reissued on BGP/Ace in 2014)

  • Shaft (Prestige, 1973) recorded 1971 [note: reissued as Legends of Acid Jazz: Bernard Purdie in 1996]

  • Lialeh (Original Movie Soundtrack) (Bryan, 1974)

  • Delights of the Garden (Douglas/Celluloid, 1975) with The Last Poets

  • Purdie as a Picture (Kilmarnock, 1993) with Galt MacDermot's New Pulse Jazz Band

  • Bernard Purdie's Jazz Groove Sessions in Tokyo (Lexington/West 47th, 1993)

  • Coolin' 'N Groovin' (A Night At 'On-Air') (Lexington/West 47th, 1993)

  • After Hours with The 3B's (3B's Music, 1993)

  • Soothin' 'N Groovin' With The 3B's (3B's Music, 1994) with Houston Person

  • The Hudson River Rats (3B's Music, 1995)

  • Fatback! The Jazz Funk Masters Featuring Bernard Purdie (Seven Seas, 1995)

  • Kick 'N Jazz (Drum Beat Blocks, 1996)

  • Soul to Jazz I (Act, 1996) with The WDR Big Band

  • Soul to Jazz II (Act, 1997) with The WDR Big Band

  • In the Pocket (P-Vine, 1997)

  • Get It While You Can (3B's Music, 1999) with The Hudson River Rats

  • The Masters of Groove Meet Dr. No (Jazzateria, 2001) with Reuben WilsonGrant Green Jr.Tarus Mateen

  • King Of The Beat (3B's Music, 2001)

  • Purdie Good Cookin' (3B's Music, 2003) with Purdie's Powerhouse

  • The Godfathers of Groove (18th & Vine, 2007) with Reuben Wilson, Grant Green Jr., Jerry Jemmott [note: originally released as The Masters of Groove]

  • The Godfathers of Groove 3 (18th & Vine, 2009) with Reuben Wilson, Grant Green Jr., Bill Easley

  • Jersey Blue (Running Rogue, 2009) with Gene McCormick, Jack Hoban

  • Selling It Like It Is (Cadence Jazz, 2009 [rel. 2013]) with David Haney

  • Cool Down (Sugar Road, 2018)

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